Ding Bu-Push Hands

Ding Bu is a fixed push hands. Once the position with the partner is taken the feet do not move. In this fixed step push hands the four major energies of peng, lu, ji, an are practiced in sequence. The hand does not face oneself. Focus and face the opponent, with feet placed diagonally. At all times cover self, leave no openings. One touch and you will understand the other person. One touch will tell looseness, tightness, tension, closed and open joints. Cover the elbow, and block the hand. Joints are loose. In turning there is no collapse. Keep the face protected. The circles are smooth and everywhere is like a bow, at every point it is possible to turn away.

With ji the pressure or energy is going to the other person. With an the pressure is going down. With ji the energy goes from the back to the shoulder to the arm. Ji is the response to the opponents lu.

No strength is used.