Throw Your Hard Strength Away

When starting the form the hands lift gently from the body as the body sinks down. The bottom sinks down and the arms stay loose and relaxed. Arms relax and start to move from the shoulder, only because the center is turning. All joints are loose. Keeping the joints open makes the body more flexible and not stuck. Energy passes through the shoulder to the elbow to the hand with the wrist leading with palm face down gentle, yet heavy as if it were in the water. The hand has a natural shape from loose fingers. The chest and back open slightly.

Throw the hard strength away. Soft, heavy, solid energy comes from looseness that builds internal energy. Put the mind into the body to feel each movement and the energy moving. With arms to the side one can extend the energy.

A person's kung fu (practice or work) is known by the longer arms from the shoulder to the arm with dropped elbow, wrist and then hand with movements like being in water.

Sit down as if on a chair. Relax and drop the hips. Hands and feet are in a straight line.