The Body Moves from the Center

The body moves from the vertical core or ding with center winding. At the end of a form the body settles back into place. In the winding the full body is connected with the winding center that moves through the waist and then to the outside of the body.

The left (or right) arm does not pass the left (or right) side, and moves only because the center moves in a winding manner. When the body turns the arms move, but not too far. The arms stay aligned with the center of the body in the front of the chest. Moving from left side to right occurs only because of waist turning.

When the body moves from the center the elbows are connected and move together, likewise hand with hand and hip with hip.

When moving stay smooth. The body moves horizontally level with the shoulders in line with the head and with the hips.

Each form is executed as one smooth move without stops and with an even flow with twisting and turning.