Qi Shi

Qi Shi is the opening movement. When this first form is correct then the complete form will be done well.

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei writes in Chenjiagou Chen Style Tai Ji Quanthat once in the standing posture that the mind concentrates, clears, and clams. The energy or qi drops and the breath is natural.

Master Wang describes the form during training: to complete this movement one must feel the energy as the body relaxes. The energy sinks even before moving. When the arms feel heavy they start to raise up and to extend. The chest is slightly concave and the back is slightly out. Extend and feel the back open. The arms stretch far forward, but not too far. In extending the arms the shoulder joint opens. At shoulder level the arms start to lower and to push the air until they reach hip level. The hips relax. The hip joint relaxes. The Mingmen is out a little and it protects the organs.

Before turning to the left turn slightly to the right. The left arm is peng and extends and connects all of the joints so there is no blockage. When the left arm is peng it is easier for the right side to have peng. Wen one side is missing peng it is easy for the other side to be missing peng. There should be peng in 360 degrees. Peng on the outside means that there is connection on the inside. The elbow, the hand and all contact and connect to the Dan Tian. When there is connection the body is filled with energy.

February 1, 2016