Peng is an open, rounded, arched form to the body that produces an equalized pressure to all sides similar to that found with a basketball. Think of the body as an inflated ball with equal pressure going out from all sides and coming in from all sides. Peng gives great strength to the body, making it, in a way, invincible. It is difficult to push in on a basketball, or on a person whose body is peng. Roundness deflects incoming forces. When a force hits an inflated ball the force bounces away in a trajectory. The force spins the ball, and the ball remains stable. This roundness, or openness is held, not with force, power or strength. Peng is held with looseness and with softness from which comes agility, flexibility, and strength.

When peng one can easily change direction. Peng in one direction leads to peng in the next direction. With peng one should feel connection to all parts of the body and within all parts of the body. Peng does not reach too far, nor does it collapse.

Peng is achieved with the loosening of all of the joints. The feeling of looseness is found with the proper peng. Proper posture with peng results in the development of chi.

February 8, 2015