Jin Gang Dao Dui

The second posture of Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame, First Form), is Jin Gang Dao Dui, Pounding the Mortar, or Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar. When Jin Gang Dao Dui is completed consciously and correctly, then the entire Lao Jia Yi Lu form will be completed well, correctly, consciously.

In this form, focus on the crotch being open, dang, with the knees slightly in. The toes grab the floor and the foot sticks to the floor. The body is upright, ding, and there is no internal twisting of the organs. The organs remain upright and stay in the right place.

Peng is held throughout the move. The move is completed without stiffness and the body remains loose without collapsing. The knee stays connected energetically with the elbow and protects the crotch. Leave the crotch open and closed simultaneously and connected to the knee and elbow at the same time. The arms are not too close to the body and are loose and peng. The arm pits have the space of a fist or of an egg between the arm and the body. One is correctly peng when one can hold a raw egg in the armpit without cracking or dropping the egg.

Notice the connection of hand to wrist to elbow to shoulder. They are aligned and follow each other in one direction.

When turning the hand or moving the hand notice that it does not pass the center of the body.

The chest is lightly sunk and the back slightly bowed in a natural position. The body remains loose yet closed and not tight.

Check the elbows : the side, front, back. The front is peng which creates back peng automatically. Loose peng in front will have loose peng in back.

The head is in control of balance in all of the postures or forms. The head is held straight and is pulled upward as if it were being pulled with a puppet-like string. At the same time the seat is pulled downward to the ground. This causes a slight stretching.

At the end of this form the body sinks. The energy drops to the dantian, and to the ground.


February 25, 2015