Bai He Liang Chi

Bai He Liang Chi, White Crane Spreads Its Wings, is the 7th posture in Lao Jia Yi Lu and is repeated three times. Each Bai He Liang Chi is followed by Xie Xing, Diagonal Posture.

At the completion of this form the left hand faces down and is connected with the left knee, energetically. It is connected to the earth and is heavy. The right hand faces upwards and is light and connected to heaven. Even though the right hand faces upward the elbow remains dropped to retain peng. The back forms an arc leading from the lowered left hand to the raised right hand.

The two hands, as they move within the execution of the form, follow circular paths in opposite directions in front of the body with the upper protecting the head and the lower the body.  As one goes through the transitional twining of this position weight shifts take place with turning of the body, driven by the waist energy. In the final section of the posture the body relaxes and sinks down sending the energy to the dantian.

One day, while kayaking, this blogger/taiji student saw a blue heron take off. As I watched the bird propel itself with its wings I realized that the power for the flying and flapping of wings came from the bird's back and that the bird's movement was perfectly coordinated. Since then I imagine myself as the blue heron, which I expect moves similar to a white crane. I now move into this form sensing that the power of the movement comes from the center of the back just as I saw with the blue heron.

February 27, 2015